family-reunion-2014Thank you for visiting my site! However you arrived, I appreciate the fact that you are here and exploring!

The reason I created this blog is to share my perspectives on pretty much all facets of life in today’s world. People have been telling me for years now that I look at things from a different angle than they have ever thought of before, and that my viewpoints help them better understand, not only the world at large, but also themselves and those around them. My honest hope is that sharing my perceptions and perspectives here will have the same affect for my readers.

I will tell you up front that I am not a sound-bite kind of guy. My posts average longer than most. This is because the things I am usually moved to write about are the more serious issues in life, for it is precisely those things that pull us off balance and give us trouble. There is usually something about them that confuses or doesn’t make sense to us, and it trips us up. Such issues offer our greatest opportunities for growth and learning, and I have found that this is aided greatly by seeing them from a new perspective, which demands definition of a different context. This results in more words and thus longer blog posts.

I believe my perspectives are different than the norm for several reasons:

First of all, I have spent decades researching knowledge systems of all types in attempt to make sense of myself and the world I see around me. I have done this because I was born with an innate sense that this world must make sense. In other words, I’ve intuitively believed, literally my entire life, that there is simply no way that this world could possibly be non-sensical. Because very few people have this driving them, there are very few who work so hard, to understand so much. In short, I’ve done a sh*t load of serious research of science, religions and esoteric/spiritual information as to who we are and how this universe functions, and the average person doesn’t possess such a wide base of knowledge.

Secondly, about 15 years ago I went through a series of dramatic experiences (see my About page for more details) which awakened me from the fog I had been living within all my adult life. Once free of that fog, I saw that it had been created by the collection of beliefs and attitudes (what I call a “Story of Life”, or “Story”) that my upbringing and society had conditioned me to adopt. Having moved myself beyond that confusing and limited way of thinking and living, I am now far better able to make sense of things than I ever was before that awakening.

Lastly, after having spent all my life in search of a Story with which I could make sense of the world, I finally came upon such a Story as part of my awakening experiences. In finding that New Story, I discovered that Science and Religion (I capitalize to denote the general institutions) are both telling their own incomplete versions of that same Story. I also realized that Science and Religion aren’t at odds with this New Story, or with each other as we have been taught to believe. However, both of them are missing key pieces of information needed to complete the Story. We aren’t taught those key pieces of info – in fact we’re taught to dismiss them, by both institutions. Having what I am calling this New Story enables me to see things through a different lens than that used by most people.

If we can’t make sense of something with our current Story, then we need to change our Story, not dismiss the thing that confounds us. Promoting a Story that does this is lying by omission, and doing so is deceitful and limiting. There are a lot of credible phenomena that neither Science nor Religion can adequately explain, and many of them are simply disregarded or dismissed without serious study. Whatever Story we adopt as our belief system, it must include logically sound explanations of such things rather than ignoring or scorning them. We need to change our attitudes from contemptuous judgment and rejection to open mindedness and excited exploration. Not naïve acceptance of every suggestion out there, but open discussion and examination of the things that persist with convincing evidence yet do not fit the current versions and levels of understanding.

Science advances when new evidence results in a new perspective. But Science has always rejected evidence that threatens to overturn currently held theories… until it is forced to relent and change. (thinking earth is the center of the universe is a good example) Unfortunately, everyone in our world today is conditioned to do the same. I’m not an exception to this. However, I did finally see through the conditioning and allow myself to entertain new information – which is precisely how I came to this New Story that does make sense of things far better than the Stories handed us by Science and Religion. Through this blog I will add my voice to the public dialogue about all of these things by offering my own unique and (hopefully!) helpful perspectives.

I sincerely hope you find my posts beneficial, and perhaps even enlightening, in some way. I also invite you to join me in these discussions in a respectful and mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and viewpoints. Just know that I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I am offering a, perhaps, new way of looking at things, for you to simply consider. I am not invested in whether you accept them, or strongly disagree with them. That is up to you, and I honor whatever you choose.

But from where I stand…  The World Does Make Sense!  You just have to have the right perspective.

Thanks again for checking out the ideas and perspectives I have to offer!

Robert Preston

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