Our Collective Trumpet Call


I was happy that Donald Trump was elected, but not because I like him or believe he personally will do anything, in any sense, to “make America great again”. There is nothing about him, personally, that I like, or that I think is good for America. His faults have been listed thoroughly by others elsewhere, and I agree with most of that. However, from the higher, longer perspective of where this country and humanity as a whole are going, the fact that he won this presidential election is a very positive thing. In order to see the positive ramifications of this election, though, one must focus on the larger story that is unfolding on our stage and not upon the individual who is playing this one role in that story. It isn’t him, but rather what his election represents in this larger story that bodes well for us all.

In a nutshell, Trump himself isn’t the change we need – but he kicked open the door through which that change will come. And, for that, we all should be thankful. More to the point, the primary and extremely powerful thing this man has done for us is to prove that an outsider can be elected to the highest office in the land. In doing this he has accomplished something no one before him was able to do – which is to break the stranglehold the super-rich have had on our political system for a very long time.

Those who have done even the least bit of self-education about the history of money and banking in the United States know that the moneyed elite, the 1% as they are called today, have been pre-selecting our political candidates, from both parties, since our country’s inception. Indeed, it was this rich echelon of our population, which has always existed, that created this system to begin with – to serve their purposes.

Our two-party political system in its present form was designed to keep the broad population of voters engaged and distracted with issues that have no financial impact upon the so-called moneyed elite’s ever-expanding corporate business interests, while those supposed elite use their unlimited wealth to ensure policy decisions, legislation and judicial rulings that directly serve those business interests. The two parties publicly take opposite sides of currently-hot social issues and loudly debate them, while they all quietly and secretly vote as their common benefactors direct them to, which is always to place our labor and resources – and our government and military – at their disposal for their corporate use. The super-rich buy off individual candidates by paying for their political campaigns and making them wealthy for life. In exchange for this those candidates, once elected, keep the populace preoccupied with colorful debates on social issues, always vote in support of the corporations and banks, and publicly pretend that our political system and government isn’t so thoroughly rigged. Of course, after these politicians are bought off they remain forever controlled by the corporate elite through fear of their personal sex scandals and other corrupt behaviors being exposed by the corporate-controlled media.

But now someone other than the 1%’s pre-selected candidates has demonstrated that it is indeed possible to be elected to high office without being under their control. They didn’t want Trump to be president because he isn’t under their control, and they have no idea what he will do. He is already demonstrating that very well, for example by thumbing his nose at intelligence agency claims that Russia was trying to influence our election through electronic hacking. That is perhaps The Trumpet’s most powerful, and frightening, attribute – his unpredictability and the disruption this will surely cause to business-as-usual. Make no mistake, Trump will wreak some havoc. And no one, not even Trump himself, truly knows the whole of when or where this mayhem will appear or what it will look like. And that’s the scary part – to both the corporations and we the people.

But, in truth, this is precisely what we the people voted for. It wasn’t Donald Trump the man that people wanted, it was the radical change that he is certain to usher in. Everyone is clearly tired of the same B.S. that we have been force-fed for so long. Even though The Trumpet did seemingly everything in his power to alienate most women in the country, they didn’t vote for Hillary in the numbers this would seem to have suggested… because it was clear to many that she was one of the pre-selected candidates. Hillary as president would have completely been business-as-usual, i.e., no change at all. She was not a game-changer. Trump is.

Long term, the most important outward change our election of Trump will precipitate is that the two-party system will now be challenged by many more candidates not under corporate control. This is HUGE! Third party candidates now know that it’s possible to become elected without corporate backing. Mounting a campaign and winning election will still require stupid amounts of money. But now there will be new coalitions of private money to support candidates – outside of the small number of people at the top of the multinational corporations who’ve been sitting on each other’s boards and preselecting our candidates, thus controlling our government. The election of Donald Trump is the harbinger of good changes in our political system and our government to come down the road.

Now to what most people are so afraid of. Looking at this from another higher perspective angle, our presidential election is always a direct reflection of who we are as a people. The population as a whole reflects our personal traits as individuals, and clearly we are conflicted, flawed and fed up – even angry. Worse than that, too many of us are racist, intolerant of others who are different, and fearful. This election, and Trump himself, are both exposing to us these types of things about ourselves that we prefer to keep in shadow. But through his presidency we will now be forced to face them and deal with them, both individually and as a people.

Confronting the things we don’t like about ourselves is always painful and highly disruptive. And our collective fear tells us that these things are coming our way in the very near future. A Trump presidency is certain to lance that boil. It will be a reality TV spectacle – like having Jerry Springer as president and our country as his stage, exposing all our worst traits to the world, and to ourselves. The nastiness of the election was only a prelude. With The Trumpet as our president we will continue to be provoked into fighting each other on stage, before the world. The election was a pilot for the show, and now we will see the series we have approved. And the series is likely to be uglier than the pilot episode. But in forcing us to face ourselves this way, the agonizing spectacle will jolt us out of our somnambulant state, our passivity.

On an individual basis, most of us refuse to face our shadows until we’re forced to do so through the exigency of some event that happens “to” us,  seemingly beyond our personal control. We don’t consciously ask for such things to happen. However, upon reflection after their occurrence we usually find that we subconsciously said or did things to bring the catalyzing event about. Although we weren’t fully aware of why we did what we did, we had our part in making those things happen. The American electorate just went through a similar process in this election. The number of Trump’s core, angry, ultra-right supporters weren’t enough to put him into office. It was all those invisible others of us who were simply fed up with business-as-usual who put him there. Thus, as a whole we elected him subconsciously, based more on feeling than thought; because some part of us just couldn’t vote for more of the same, even if it meant creating total chaos in our lives.

The worst aspects of who we are as individuals reveal themselves in those times when ugly behaviors burst out of us and create chaos in our lives. Afterward we’re forced to do damage control and bring forth our more honorable and loving selves. Like our own personal episodes of poor behavior, many of the things Trump is likely to do will evoke from us as a people the ugliest aspects of who we are, wreaking major havoc in the process, in ways we can at this point only imagine. In response, we’ll be forced to act from our higher selves to preserve our integrity as a good people. In doing so we’ll learn more about who we are and what we really want. And it will be up to us to create that, which will often mean standing against things Trump tries to do. Thus, we will discover our own power, because we’ll be forced to finally claim it.

Our country is and always has been a reflection of us as individual people. As individuals, we see ourselves either as creators of our own destinies or as victims of powerful forces over which we have no control. Too many in this country have for too long viewed themselves as victims. When we see ourselves this way, it’s easy for those who would love to control us to step in and do so, and so they have. I believe that our election of Donald Trump signals that we no longer want to think of ourselves as victims, as powerless. This is only the beginning of what is likely to be a lengthy, frightening and messy process. But we have decided that it will be worth the work.

The change we have voted for is now in front of us, and it will be a long, difficult stretch of road. At times Trump will make some difficult choices for us that we initially resist but that turn out good in the long run. Most often, though, he will force us to stand for the things that are important to us when he tries to destroy them. But we must keep our eye on the long game.

An analogy will help here. We allowed contractors (the 1%) to build us a house (our government) that we have discovered is so structurally unsound that to continue living in it as it is will endanger our entire family. Major demolition is required. However, there are valuables inside the house that we want to preserve before demolition begins. We just hired the demolition expert (Trump), and he is about to begin demolition with our valuables still inside. To protect those valuables, which are the things that are most important to us, we now will be forced to argue and fight with this contractor, who doesn’t see their value.

There’s no alternative but to go through this – we have already made the decision, and the die is cast. We are about to be forced to get off our asses and do some hard work. But the destination beyond that struggle is promising indeed, and that is why we made this choice.

3 thoughts on “Our Collective Trumpet Call

  1. Amazing, insightful and astute analysis! This might be hard to swallow for some folks, but becoming aware of what’s happening is the first step…thanks for making it so clear.

  2. This is one of the most helpful insights I have come accross regarding the gut wrenching emotional roller coaster we are witnessing in ourselves and others since the election race, its result and the present. Thank you.

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